The Forager Home Page
by Wes Stone
Some of the foods you can find in the wilds:

MUSHROOMS: The fruiting bodies of fungi are fascinating to look at; certain species are delicious.  Of course, you need to be able to identify your mushrooms before eating them!

PLANTS:  Many native and introduced plants have edible parts.  Being able to enjoy a "trail nibble" adds to the outdoor experience.

FISH:  Fishing may be challenging or relaxing. There are types of fish, water, and equipment for anglers of all temperaments.
Featured ForageEdibles for all seasons.

Foray Reports: True accounts of my own adventures.

A Short 'Shroom Primer: A whirlwind introduction to the world of mushrooms.

Taste Ratings and Quick and Dirty Recipes for wild mushrooms.
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Note: I've let this page lapse for many years. As of 12/11/06, I'm starting an update. I can't promise that it will be as useful as it was ten years ago, but I don't want to let it die. -ws